Sometimes i enjoy

The beauty of the nature


Sometimes i wander

Why god created creature


Sometimes i think

That soul should be clean


Sometimes i wander

Why people are so mean


Sometimes i count

Infinite stars in the sky


Sometimes i wander

Why clouds are so high


Sometimes i see

Rich getting depressed


Sometimes i see

Labourers enjoying rest


Sometimes i want

Infinite love and money


Sometimes i want

Just a piece of bread with honey


Demand changes every minute

With every change in situation

So i want to have

A quality called adaptation


– Gautam Ghai


I loved her

But she didn’t care

It was like returning back

From the last stair


We were friends

So i told her

But she rejected

Making my life blur


Now i ask you

What was my err

Is that falling in love? 

Or Is that loving her?


It broke my heart

Its not just a rejection

Rather it was 

One of my best lesson


From now

I will never fall 

In love coz

U teached me that

One’s attitude is above all…..! 


-Gautam Ghai

No way back

There is no way back

To the days we spent

In our school

With joy beyond extent


There is no way back

To the memories we built

Including countless mistakes

Without any guilt


There is no way back

To the exams we gave

Copying from others

An Act which deprave


There is no way back

To the punishment we faced

Going to the principal

Being little bit disgraced


There is no way back

To the class we attended

Recovering from a slumber

When it ended


There is no way back

To the time we hanged out

Having faith in each other

Without any doubt


There is no way back

To our past

So enjoy in present

To make memories

Which will everlast………! 


– Gautam Ghai

Do for those who think you will fail

Yesterday i got a call from an unknown number. I was amazed because i am not that type of person who has a huge friendcircle. So after its two or three bells i picked it up. At first i didn’t recognize the voice on the other end of the phone. But when that person call me by my nickname,…………….. something took me to my school days. 
Hi, i am Riyaan. I was in 6th standard when i meet her. She was a new student in our school. I knew how difficult it was for a person to make new friends in a new school. So i thought to befriend her. We become good friends in the coming 2 to 3 weeks. We used to eat our lunchboxes togther. We used to sit near each other till our teacher changed the seats of boys away from girls…….!😣😤
One day when our teacher was asking every student his/her wish, what they want to be in future……..,  i was  eagarly waiting for her turn. I wanted to know what she aimed in her life. When her turn came, she stood up amd started telling about her wish. She told everyone that she wanted to be a doctor and wanted to make her parents proud of her. 
Now it was my turn. I stood up and told everyone that i want to be an astronomer. They all started laughing. I was shocked. Then one of my friend stood up and asked me that why i wanted to be an astrologer. Then i came to know that they misunderstood the word astronomer with astrologer. So i neglected him and sat down. After the class was over she came to me and we started chatting.  Then i came to know that her family was financially well settled not like me which was struggling to survive in this world. 
On next day, our first class test was scheduled. I didn’t even open my book at home for the test.  And the result was the proof for that. She got 20 out of 20 where sas i got only 25% of her total i.e. 5 marks. I was the lowest scorer in my class. Everyone laughed at me but i didn’t give them a damn.
Sorry i was so much involved in the story that i didn’t even mentioned her name. Her name was Ishika. She became my best friend in few months. After that test we bet to score good marks in the exams. And the person who scored less markd had to give another a party. There was much time for our exams. 
We were so good friends that we called each other with our nicknames. She named me ray and i named her ishu. We also had a dairy which we used to swap every day. In that dairy we used to write our routine with which we came to know more about each other. There are many stories related to that dairy but i can’t make it public. 
So when our exams came, i was not serious. She studied day and night for her preparations. Now it was the day of our result. She stood first with 98% marks.  I scored only 85% and stood tenth.  She came to me in excitement and i congratulated her.  She thanked and we went to the cafeteria for a party. 
From then onwards she stood first in every semester and i didn’t even crossed the score of 87%. Every time i had to give her a treat. After many years of our friendship,  our endless pranks and our amazing stories in the dairy we came to 10th standard. Now when everyone was thinking about his/her future………………, i was lost in her never ending dreams. I thought i was in love with her. But i didn’t have the courage to confess it infront of her. So i didn’t tell her. I felt jealouse whenever i saw her talking to any other boy. I kept silent. 
After the last of our school our juniors told us about our farewell. I thought that was the last chance to confess my love to her. So in my last note in our dairy i wrote about my feelings towards her.  I was not excited much about the farewell vut i had to go there for her reply. She came to me and handed me the dairy. I thought it was a ‘yes’ so i enjoyed the farewell. After i went home, i went directly to my room and closed it. I was excited to read her reply………… Which was……… 
“Hey riyaan,  i think this is my last note in our dairy. I thought we were best friends and you also knew that you are very much important to me. But i think you misunderstood our this friendship. We can’t be in a relation. I respect your feelings but i have my own duties towards my family. I can’t destroy their trust which they had on me. Sorry….! I think we can’t even remain friends after this. You break our this sweet relation and i wish i didn’t even even get a opportunity to see you agin”
After reading this land slipped from my feets. My tears ruined that page. I cried all that day and didn’t even eat the food . My mom asked me the reason for my that behavior but at that time i had no words to explain her. 
After my 10th exam i went out of my hometown. I did my senior secondory  and after that cleared the Engineering exam. After that incident my only goal in life was to follow my dream.  After studying for next 5 years i did my aerospace engineering. I that period i had many relations but the word love was lost somewhere. After completing my degree and applying for NASA i came back to my home town. When i got a offer letter from NASA, i can bet that there will be no one happier than me at that time…………! 

Ray….., ray……., Ray……….!

“Can you hear me?” 

“Yeah who is this”- i replied recognizing the voice from the other end. 

“Its me yr, ishika or you can say ishu”

“Hey, how you got my number”- i asked in low tune

She didn’t answer that and came straight to the point. 

“Hey you know i can’t becme a doctor so i did nursing and now i am working with a private hospital which is paying me Rs. 50,000. Isn’t that good?”

“Yeah surely” – i replied

“You tell what are you doing now……? ” she asked. 

I laughed from inside. I didn’t want her to become jealous of me so i replied ” nothing yr……., i m jobless………., just searching for a job…! ”

After having a long conversation with her i ended the call. 

After one month i went to america to work with NASA. After working on my project for 4-5 years i came back home to take my family to america with me. After coming here i came to know that my parents published my pic in the local newspaper after i completed my project successfully. At that time i only wished that i wanted to see the ishika’s face after she saw my picture in the news paper….! 
So at last i wanted to tell you that if a person leaves you it doen’t mean that it is the end of your story.  It is just the end of their part in your story. Live for your parents and fulfill your dreams. And do for the one who thinks you will fail……! 
By – Gautam Ghai

Reason to live

Life gave me a reason to live when she told me that i am not of her style…….! 
*It was easy for her to say that i can’t be successful in life, had she ever thought about that when we used to chat at late nights…….!

*It was easy for her to say that her parents don’t want her to talk to me, had she ever cared about it when she called me at her home for studies. 

*It was easy for her to say that my religion is different from her,  had she ever thought about it when we became friends…..!

*It was easy for her to say that we can’t be in relationship, had she ever told me that in last 4 years.
I was just wandering around her in the hope that she will understand my feelings………..! It was all fault. I was such a moron that i kept on consoling myself that one day she will realise my love,  that one day she will fight with the world for me,  that one day we will be together away from this world…..! She crushed the 4 years of our friendship which i thought would have transformed into the best love story by a simple sentence that our status doesn’t match……! 
We studied together from our 2nd standard. We were good friends. But i didn’t know at that time that this friendship will cost me my life’s precious time. We became best friends in our 9th standard when i started going to the tution where she was studying. Our bond of mutual understanding became strong. I helped her whenever she needed me.  I was ready to do anything for her smile. I did everything she said. At that time we were the bestest friend. But that wasn’t enough. 
Because of her i stoped giving time to my family. I stoped listening to my mom. I stoped obeying my dad. I stoped playing with my brother. At that time ny mobile was my life which helped me to be in touch with her. I was going away from this lively world. I forget to wish my mom on her birthday whereas i was the first to wish her on her birthday. I was not able to celebrate my parents marriage aniversary because she had given me some work…..! 
With the passage of time i had become her puppet. To be with her i changed my tution to the centre where she had gone to study in our 10th standard. We used to sit near each other. 

We used to chat during nights, while exams and in every situation. I started thinking that she will also start loving me but i was wrong. Whenever i proposed her, she had only one excuse that she will not go against her father’s promise. I respected her every decision. 

But i only wanted her to see the world being in my shoes. In my senior secondary studies, i went away from her to purse my dreams. Mobile phones were not allowed in our hostel. But i never gave her a chance to realise that i am away from her. I will call her every weekend. When i used to come back home during holidays she used to be the first person whom i call. Sometimes when i call her from my hostel we used to do talk upto to an hour. 

I completed my senior secondory. But i was not able to fulfill my dream. And now i think it was the only reason behind her change. I promised her that i will become an officer for her but i can’t. And this was my biggest mistake. During the interview never thought about my parents. And i think that’s the only reason why god didn’t help me to fulfill my dream. 

She cleared some competitive exam and always kept on telling me to do something to settle in life. She told me that i am jealous of her. She told me that we are more than friends but she can’t be in relationship with a person like me. 

This was my life’biggest lesson. I always treated girls with respect but she taught me that all are not same. Now i promise to myself that i will work hard day and night ………. Not to settle in life…… But to earn a status. 

She gave me a lesson that following your dreams is useless. One must settle in life. But i will not stop following my dreams. Because i know i can achieve evrything with that. And if life’s only goal is to earn money and to get settle in life……. I don’t want to live that boring life. 

And she taught me that love is wrong. But i would like to say that i will not stop loving others. Because love teaches us the lessons of life which i got. Love is never wrong. But a person with whom you love can be. So at last i would like to say her that she will regret her decission one day………….! 

Happy boring life…..! 
– Gautam Ghai


Everyone in this world

Has a wish to fulfill

But cant because of career

As obstruction like hill


Some want to settle in life

With money in the bank

And a beautiful wife


Some want to follow their dreams

Doing their best to win

Over the life’s harsh streams


Some want to be happy

Doing whatever they want

Ignoring all the crappy


Only few want to enjoy their life

Going with the flow

Singing with the fife


Life is not a game

With a option restart

So it is on you to make

It easy going or tart


So do what you feel right

Just close your eyes once

And make your decision

About life that bunce

By – Gautam Ghai

Love life

Sometimes in life

We feel so blue,

But someone, somewhere

is not as happy as U.

Somewhere far ..

At the border

When a soldier sleeps,

Missing his loved ones

He silently weeps.

Somewhere a mother

Painfully sighs,


Her new born baby

Didnt open her eyes.

Somewhere a poor dad

Silently cries,

When he sees his son

Begging for a bowl of rice.


In an orphanage

A little girl’s sad,

When she misses her

mom n dad.

So at times ..

A reason to smile

U may not have any,

Say to urself that ..

U’re happier than many.


Life is beautiful and.

Its not always blue,

And someone, somewhere

Is not as happy as U ..

love life….!

– Anonymous 


It is not mine work but it is very beautiful..!